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"There was a strict rule that prohibited employees from fraternizing, but Wilhelm would always stop by to chat and I thought he was very charming and kind. When I went to Hamburg, I looked for a place where to stay. He wasn't in town, but he offered to let me stay at his apartment. "When I arrived, everything was so well-arranged, and I could tell that he was a thoughtful person even though he wasn’t there."

Henri Mazel explained that this would be the spark that would send the Schmids in their direction. Yvonne says, "He has loved watches and vintage vehicles since he was a boy."

Wilhelm Schmid asks, "Do I see synergy in both?" "Absolutely.Richard Mille Replica From a modern perspective, both technologies are charmingly anachronistic. The cars of today are almost self-driving and fully electric. Every electronic device gives you time today. These objects are soulless. These objects lack emotion, spirit and identity.

It is fascinating to see how the constant force mechanism builds up energy with each minute jump. It is also fascinating to see the carburetors of my Bristol car feeding the perfect mix of fuel and oxygen into the engine.

"Vintage cars and mechanical watches are all about emotion.IWC Replica Watches These micro-universes of mechanical design and engineering create a certain magic. Both require education and practice in order to master. It is necessary to master the assembly of a complicated watch, such as a Triple Split with split indicators for minutes, seconds and hours. You will also need to master the mechanics of a mechanical car. In some cases, you may even have to know how to properly start the vehicle.

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